About Me

I graduated from the University of Texas San Antonio with a Bachelors in Health Education. After learning school districts don’t hire “just a health teacher” and hospitals don’t hire health educators who aren’t nurses, I joined the corporate world. Not one to quit or be discouraged, I earned a Master’s in Organizational Management and worked as an admin assistant for a local school district after relocating to Houston, Texas in 2003.

During the first year in my district, I learned as much as possible about education, still hoping to fulfill my childhood dream to become a     teacher “when I grew up”. Fueled by new excitement and determination, I acquired my teaching certificate and begin teaching Algebra 1 the  following year in my district. I will be forever grateful for that first opportunity to teach. I learned so much that year and still reflect and build on those experiences today.

Over the past 14 years, I have enjoyed being a math teacher, science teacher, and served as campus electives     coordinator, team lead, department head and member on various committees. Being naturally a reflective educator, and knowing I have so   much more to offer I earned my Masters in Education Administration and administration certificate in 2016.

During the past four years, I have becoming very involved in the PLC process on my campuses. Collaborating with teachers, building a cohesive team and helping teachers learn new things and encouraging them to grow into teacher-leaders has been so rewarding.

My strengths of connecting with others, encouraging them, and being a servant-leader allow me to impact hundreds of students on our campus, not just in my own classroom, and in turn we build a stronger community together. The role of  assistant principal is an opportunity to use my strengths and experiences to support teaching and learning campus-wide, and help cultivate a positive, growth-mindset campus culture.

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