#EdublogsClub Prompt 1: My Blog Story

Hello Lead Learners!

I am so excited to join the 2017 Edublogs Blogging Club. In fact, I’m so excited that I stumbled across Edublogs in the first place! Over the years I have enjoyed reading various lifestyle blogs (cooking, organizing, teaching, etc) on WordPress, Blogger, and other self-hosted platforms.

This is not my first blog, but I would not consider myself a pro. My other blog Integralorganizing.com is still a work in progress. Originally, it was planned as a catch-all for my two greatest passions, teaching and organizing /DIY, as well as random musings. The challenging aspect is that my blogs feels so discombobulated. Now, using Edublogs, I can separate my love for all things teaching and my love for all things organizing and time management. As an aspiring blogger, I can keep both my “lifestyle” and education blogs purposeful and separate.

One of my biggest challenges as a blogger is committing time to write and using content that would be interesting to my audience. What if I have trouble scheduling time to write? What if I’m boring? What if no one ever reads my blog? Worse yet, what if someone gets really offended even though I did not intend my post to cause upset?

These reasons, along with others I can’t think of, are why the Edublogs Blogging Club is so enticing! I can be motivated to write consistently, with a community of like-minded bloggers and reader, and the added benefit of topics suggested since, sometimes, it can be hard to be creative and interesting.

So, here is to a productive year of blogging for all of here as we both lead and learn together.

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