Welcome, Lead Learners! 

I am a passionate, goal-oriented servant-leader who believes that my role as Assistant Principal is to assist the school principal by:

  • Serving as a positive change-agent who supports the school’s mission
  • Cultivating teachers into teacher-leaders who continually strive to increase growth and achievement for ALL students
  • Promoting and fostering a positive, learner-centered campus powered by a growth-mindset
  • Nurturing positive relationships with students and teachers and build productive partnerships with parents and community members

Working together and keeping students first in everything we do allows us to provide exceptional educational experiences and show that “All Means ALL” for our students.

After 14 years as a dedicated math teacher, I hope to begin my journey as an Assistant Principal. I want to make a difference beyond the four walls of my classroom and help increase student achievement across an entire campus. As a lifelong learner, I will continue to learn, continue to serve, and begin to lead. My journey into high school education and campus leadership will unfold here.  

Join me and let’s learn together!